ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning covers basic functionality of your business regardless of organizational business. All business vertical are utilizing ERP solutions for best business practices. ERP software package provides solutions that cover all functionalities of a business. Peeping behind ERP development we find traditional software development system that does not have proper communication network, database system are not unified so no dynamic changes in real world can be seen. ERP software package business solutions provided a unified database where all the changes made are reflected in real world. Change in one module is reflected in subsequent modules interlinked without communication gap, updating is very fast. Let us take an example, HR department, Payroll department, financial department all are interlinked as information from one is needed to serve and drive the other department, earlier departments needed to wait for information from other departments to proceed as updating where not dynamic and the departments needed to request for data. Some of the key ERP solution modules can be listed as follows.

Why customize your ERP? You might think that your needs are fairly close to everyone else's, and you don't really need customized ERP software. However, Generic approaches miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. Customization puts you and your staff at the heart of the system. Large companies have long understood the benefits of customizing their software and spend millions to acheive this goal. The general features of ERP Application are: