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Whilst still in the developmental stage, HTML5 promises to bring exciting new features to the HTML coding language when fully released. The great thing about this iteration of HTML is that bits and pieces of it can be utilized even before the final release. You guessed it - we use those available pieces whenever possible in our coding!


Cascading Style Sheets caught on quickly when they were first marketed a number of years back. Since that initial release, they've become a standard feature of almost all websites. CSS3 is a vast improvement on previous versions, and just like HTML5 -- it's still under continual development.

At Miracle we are a HTML5 Development and CSS3 Development company having an expert team of HTML developers that provide cross platform development services to our clients. We also offer extended services on iPhone, iPad, Android application development, HTML5 Conversion, HTML5 web development, HTML5 Web Application, HTML5 mobile web development, HTML Web services and more.

Advanced Coding

Using HTML5 and CSS3, we develop web apps at the cutting edge of the web design practice. The end product, regardless of what your project may be, will illustrate the true power and ability of these two coding packages.

Language Structure

Lengthy HTML5 codes and complex CSS3 sheets can easily become a complete mess. That's why we structure our coding for each page in exactly the same way - helping to improve readability and reducing the occurrence of bugs to zero.

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