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Money Lending Software

Money Lending Software is designed considering each and every requirement of Money Lenders. It covers like Voucher Payment, Pavati, Voucher Receipt, Customer registration, Stock Management like items taken from customers as mortgage; again auction facility for the item is also available. It has unique Finger Print and Image Identification storage facility for customers. Money Lending Module executes all such tasks & documentation for you!

  • Keeps record of each & every detail of the Borrower along with Photograph
  • Loan against the Morgage can be sanctioned.
  • Alerts you if the Loan Amount is exceeding the Morgage Amount.
  • Recovery can be set on One Time Payment basis on Partial Payment basis.
  • Special Feature of giving Additional Loan on the Old Morgage Value.
  • Regular Reports like Daily Cash Book and Balance Sheet.
  • Special Reports such as Yearly Ledger of the Borrower, Interest received against these Sanctioned Loans, List of Matured yet Pending Loans, Recovery List, Morgage & Non Morgage Loans, Agro & Non-Agro based Loans.

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